ITEC Scholarships for Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. ITEC Scholarships for Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

ITEC Scholarships for Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation ( ITEC) Scholarships

The Embassy of India in Panama administers the ITEC Scholarship program for nationals of Panama, and the two countries under its concurrent accreditation, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. During the period April 2022 - March 2023, following training slots under this scheme have been allotted, to these three countries:



Training Slots





Costa Rica





The Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) program is a flagship technical cooperation and capacity building program of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, under which all expenses, including international air travel, board, lodging and tuition fee are met and paid for by Government of India. (Read more at The various courses are conducted in highly reputed Institutions, both Government and Private, in India.

There are 195 courses listed in the “Civilian Training Program”, this year. The courses are of various duration and cover a wide spectrum of areas like Banking, Finance, Accounts, Audit, Information Technology, Computer Software, English language, Management, Industry, Rural Development, Communications, Irrigation, Agriculture and Quality control as well as Environment and Renewable Energy etc. For further course details, please refer to the attachment ( Attachment ).

The ITEC courses are meant primarily to assist the governments of recipient countries in their human development efforts, for the benefit and up-gradation of skills of middle-level government officials, who are 25-45 years of age, know English and are working in various government/semi-government/public sector departments. In exceptional and deserving cases, applications from the private sector can also be considered by the Ambassador, based on merits.

All new applications are required to be filled on line by the applicants themselves through the “Apply for ITEC” link on the website ( They can choose their own login email ID and create their login password, which would be used by the system to keep them posted of the processing status. Applicants can correct any discrepancies in their applications until they are forwarded to the Embassy through the concerned local offices.

Hard copies of the completed application forms can be downloaded from the website mentioned above, and should be sent to this Embassy, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the concerned country, at least one-two months before the commencement of the Course. However, the applications can also be sent to this Embassy, through other government Ministries, or reputed government organizations/institutions, engaged in the fields of education, training and technology, etc.

The ITEC scholarships are highly popular with the recipient countries across the world and are very competitive. Since all the courses are conducted in English, the candidates must have an adequate and suitable knowledge of English, unless they apply for English learning/speaking courses. The detailed terms and conditions of the scholarships can be viewed through the link provided below. There is a vibrant ITEC Alumni across the world, including in Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

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