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About Embassy

Welcome to the Embassy of India in Panama

Panama and India have had cordial, warm  and friendly relations, based on mutual understanding and growing bilateral trade and all round cooperation.   India-Panama connection is the oldest in the Central American Region, dating back to 19th century when groups of Indians came to work on the construction of Panama Railways and later Panama Canal in early 20th century. Panama is also the first country in Central America where India established a resident Mission in 1973.  Since then, about 15000 persons of Indian origin have made Panama their home which has helped in  enhancingthe level of interaction between the two rich cultures. India-Panama relationship share common values of democracy, multiculturalism and secularism. Future areas of mutual cooperation and understanding are being identified and the two countries are poised to elevate the bilateral relations to a new higher level.

Ambassador of India to the Republic of Panama is concurrently accredited to Costa Rica and Nicaragua.